Soundzrise is the m2o (Italian national radio) after hours show. Thanks to the strong musical identity and vision of the “boss” Andrea Rango, it became an institution in the national electronic music scene and is aired every day at sunrise. Andrea over time also expanded the “Soundzrise” brand with his own record label, and web radio.

The support of new and talented artists such as Lollino, DJ Jacko, Ramona Yacef, helped Soundzrise to shape a well-outlined character and sound in the Italian underground scene. Soundzrise is a show with an eclectic house music flavor with techno shades, shared with many great artists that are hosted on the show In fm and live in clubs all over the country.

For nearly a decade, “Soundzrise”, following the passion for music, insists on seeking new sounds and exposing its audience to them. By doing this it has established a sense of trust with its audience that seems destined to remain for a long time.