Lee Jones – Understanding

Out on: Sirin Music


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Lee Jones muses with “Understanding” by dreams trapped in paradise, synergising his beats with faraway thoughts in a stunning equilibrium of two original tracks and two remixes to reimagine “Understanding”  from Robbie Akbal and Alejandro Mosso. Let him take you on a journey through a mixture of rhythmic shades to both energise and relax, capturing the sounds of Sirin in complete harmony with the surrounding environment, fitted to an individual interpretation.


Remixer: Robbie Akbal, Alejandro Mosso

Label Code: LC-19112

Release Type: EP

Medium: digital

Artwork: www.svenjalimke.com

Mastering: Rob Small / analog



  1. Lee Jones – Understanding (Original Mix)

2.Lee Jones – Where we at (Original Mix)

3.Lee Jones – Understanding     (Robbie Akbal Remix)

4.Lee Jones – Understanding     (Alejandro Mosso Remix)





Release: SIRIN003

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