MODERN TIMES – Rob Hes, Reinier Zonneveld

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The first release on Rob Hes’ own imprint finally sees the light of day. After months of road testing, polishing and refining we bring you the Modern Times EP! Curating Pursuit’s vision on Techno.

After months of ID request in Rob Hes’ livesets we can finally confirm that this hidden gem ‘Modern Times’ will bring some fire to the dance-floors . Opening up with a hypnotising melody, haunting chords and a meticulously crafted beat contributing to a peak time weapon for utter dance floor destruction.

Friend of the family Reinier Zonneveld opens up Pursuit’s roster and we are honoured that the man of the hour is on remixing duties for this first release. The Filth On Acid head honcho is moving from strength to strength and makes no exception with his take on ‘Modern Times’. Delivering an absolute new take on the original, he brings a cocktail of pushing arpeggiators, atmospheric chords, analog stabs and a filthy bassline. While the arrangement is steadily introducing new elements, Reinier pushes the tension, eventually erupting in a take no prisoners climax, leaving the listener bewildered and longing for more.

‘Unbearable’, the third track switches gears and brings us with a deep sub bass in darker territories. Slowly pushing the tension, a mysterious melody is introduced, setting the tone for the darker vibes. The long stretched unbearable tension builder eventually erupts in stripped down essentials guaranteeing peak-time galore.

Closing the EP in even deeper analog waters is ‘About Last Night’, which brings you straight to dark, steamy and sweaty clubs in this cold winter. With a thunderous sub groove, this track slowly pushes the envelope and continues to evolve in hypnotic soundscapes and a meticulously designed lead, only keeping the memories of last night a blurr in the ears of the listener.